ACATE’s newest innovative business space. If you are an entrepreneur looking for connections, knowledge, support and mentoring, come and join our startup benefits program. Courses, events, services, networking and business opportunities for anyone who will help shape up ACATE’s future.

What is the program?

The ACATE Startup Program is a connecting space for new entrepreneurs and the technology ecosystem. In addition to networking with ACATE Startup Ambassadors – founders of successful startups with lots of experience to share – the program offers a package of services and benefits to those starting to tread their entrepreneurial journey.


If your company’s CNPJ was registered in the last  three years, and as a juridical person has earned up to R$ 360,000.00 in the previous year, employing up to 15 people, join ACATE Startups: a program that promotes new business ventures, connections and several opportunities for your company to grow.


The ACATE Startup Program offers the following:

  • Fee exemption period;
  • Access to partner investment funds, subsidized lines of credit and financing (MPME, Inovacred, Inovacred Expresso);
  • Access to courses, mentoring, training, meetups, business rounds, mentoring programs;
  • Credit agreements with several startup benefit programs with companies such as Amazon, IBM, among others;
  • Space for dissemination of news and job vacancies;
  • Networking: events, sharing groups, happy hours.