Business Verticals

The Business Verticals are networks including technology-based companies associated to ACATE, put together according to the market segment in which they operate, such as Health Care, Education, Security, Construction, among others. This business model encourages entrepreneurs to get to know each other, exchange experiences and seek joint development. Created in 2009, the Vertical Business Program has been as a driving force behind the innovation ecosystem in Santa Catarina by fostering network interaction and the emergence of new groups, so new business opportunities are established as well as new partnerships.

What is the program?

The creation of associations stimulates entrepreneurs active in the same market segment to get to know each other, exchange experiences and work towards collective growth and development. This was the principle that gave rise to ACATE’s Vertical Business Program, which remains one of its great differentials, constantly boosting networking and generating business opportunities, connections and projects.


Today, ACATE counts on 12 verticals in the areas of Agribusiness, Connectivity & Cloud, “Construtech” (Construction), Education, Energy, Fintech, Games, Governance & Sustainability, IoT, Manufacturing, Security and Health Care.


ACATE holds periodic meetings, which give its members the opportunity to engage in active networking, discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by their respective markets, and organize events and projects of relevance.


Every month, the entity promotes the Vertical Meeting – an event organized by the Verticals themselves to discuss topics of common interest, relevant to the development of the technology sector as a whole. Any company associated with ACATE may participate in the Vertical Business Program.