What is the program?

One of the main obstacles that prevent new companies from proposing innovative solutions, developing disruptive technologies, and creating jobs is the lack of venture capital to help them grow. With that in mind, ACATE has created, in addition to the Rede de Investidores Anjo (Anjo Investor Network), the Investments Thematic Group.


The group also focuses on attracting companies interested in investing in startups, training and knowledge exchange among investors, entrepreneurial training, accreditation of service providers, in addition to promoting debates on regulatory, political, legal and institutional issues related to investments.


The goal is to increase the volume of resources available to startups and assist current and future investors to evaluate businesses, mitigate investment risks, and mentor investees – always supported by ACATE ambassadors who have proven experience in venture capital market.


Join the Investment Thematic Group and help us to strengthen the innovative ideas created by our entrepreneurs.