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About Us

ACATE, the Associação Catarinense de Tecnologia (Catarinense Technology Association), is the main representative for innovative entrepreneurship in Santa Catarina. Our mission is to actively promote the local ecosystem, from startups to large companies, by generating connections capable of strengthening the technology sector.

We represent over 1,200 associates spread across Santa Catarina’s 13 innovation and technology hubs. We also manage innovation network centers in Florianópolis and other regions: our São Paulo and Boston (USA) offices are ready to provide companies located in Santa Catarina with the support and infra-structure they need.

In Florianópolis, the city capital of Santa Catarina, we are located downtown at the Centro de Inovação ACATE Primavera (ACATE Primavera Innovation Center), which sits along SC-401, the “Innovation Route”. Up north, we are located at CIA Sapiens, in the Sapiens Parque Technology Park.

In addition to being an associative entity, ACATE represents a support, training and inspiration network designed to assist entrepreneurs: our MIDITEC incubator, created 20 years ago, was chosen as one of the 5 best in the world, having helped hundreds of companies to getting started and generating thousands of jobs. The Verticals connect entrepreneurs within their respective segments and help foster new projects and initiatives.

The Thematic Groups discuss and propose solutions for the demands imposed by companies, professionals and other participants active in the technology ecosystem. LinkLab is the state’s first open innovation lab that gathers large companies and startups. RIA SC – Rede de Investidores Anjo (Anjo Investor Network) – has already connected dozens of people interested in investing resources into innovative companies, also helping entrepreneurs to seek resources and connections to expand their businesses.

ACATE works hand in hand with the public power in order to develop projects and find solutions that qualify the entrepreneurial and business environment in Santa Catarina. Staying tuned with our partners help us to actively promote events and initiatives that value the state’s technology sector.

Acting in several areas:

  • Agribusiness
  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Commercial Automation
  • Aviation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Electrical/Electronic Equipment
  • Business Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Electronic Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Hardware and Network Infrastructure
  • Internet and Services
  • Gaming
  • Media
  • Electronics Business
  • Health Care
  • Information Security
  • Social and Environmental
  • Embedded Software
  • Software Outsourcing
  • Telecommunications

Our Story

Back in 1986, a group of pioneering entrepreneurs joined forces to strengthen the technology sector and support emergent businesses in the Greater Florianópolis area.  ACATE’s business model proposed the creation of a hub of companies located closely to each other, which could facilitate the exchange of experiences and opportunities, in addition to generating a true innovative ecosystem.

The Association enabled new entrepreneurs, as well as other professionals already active in other sectors, to start their own companies and launch a technology hub, which  would be recognized as one of the strongest in Brazil and Latin America in the following decades.

In 1998, the MIDITEC incubator was created with resources provided by Sebrae Santa Catarina, being ACATE responsible for its overall management. During two decades of operations, the incubator assisted more than 100 companies to get started, being voted the best in the country from time to time, according to Anprotec.

In the 2000s, the entity began to gain momentum with the growth of the technology sector and the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs across Santa Catarina. A milestone in the history of ACATE’s success was the creation of the Business Verticals, an innovative model that connects companies operating in the same segment, promoting integration, partnerships and new projects.

The Association was also responsible for the creation of projects, such as Geração Tec (Tec Generation), which proposed to build up a skilled IT workforce; and the Juro Zero Empreendedor; in addition to assisting the public power in Florianopolis to implement the first Innovation Laws in the country.

In 2015, a new era for the technology ecosystem in Santa Catarina began with the inauguration of the Acate Primavera Innovation Center – an inspiring environment that gathers  companies of varying sizes, promoting events and new projects, such as LinkLab (a lab managed by major companies interested in establishing connections with startups); the Anjo Investors Network; thematic groups (Internationalization, Human Resources, Investments, Women, etc); the ACATE Observatory, which presents a complete overview of the IT sector in Santa Catarina; among other initiatives.

These were the first 30 years.
Join ACATE and help us write the next chapters of the technology industry in Santa Catarina.


Daniel dos Santos Leipnitz
Vice President
Iomani Engelmann Gomes
Vice President of Finance
Marcos Lichtblau
Vice President of Marketing
Silvio Kotujansky
Supervisory Board

Active Members
Geraldo Otto
Sergio Viola
Norberto Dias

Maurício Ibarra Dobes
Guilherme Ferla Jr.

Advisory Board

Active Members
José Fernando Faraco
Alexandre d’Ávila da Cunha
Rui Luiz Gonçalves
Everton Gubert
Moacir Antonio Marafon
Gerson Schmitt

Edenir Silva

Directors of Verticals

IoT – Hamilton Marques
Agribusiness – Clovis Rossi
Connectivity and Cloud – Diego Brites Ramos
Education – Antônio Gonzaga
Energy – Ricardo Grassmann
Fintech – Roberto Dagnoni
Games&Apps – Arthur Nunes
Government – Marcos Luiz Marchezan
Manufacturing – Túlio Duarte
Health Care – Walmoli Gerber Jr.
Security – Reginaldo Corrêa de Sousa
Cloud Computing – Danilo Pavei
Governance & Sustainability – Gerson Luiz Zimmer



Gabriel Sant’Ana Palma Santos

Finance and Management

Elisete Robazza: Gerente Administrativo e Financeiro

Administrativo Financeiro
Renata Machado da Silva Kinczeski
Jonathan Dias
Karine Russo

Marcos Duarte
Elcimar Silva dos Santos

Karen Pires

Marketing and Relationships

Lauren Piana: Gerente de Marketing e Relacionamento

Marketing e Eventos
Mayara Santos
Luana Portella
Fernanda Cominski

Andreza Amorim
Roberta Machado

Marines Rossoni
Barbara Oliveira
Patricia Baisch
Tânia Valença

Strategic Programs

Tatiana Takimoto: Gerente de Programas Estratégicos

Verticais de Negócio
Luiza Stein
Gabriel Monteiro
Maria Carolina de Castro
Raphael Avello

Scheilla Lucas da Silva
Leidiane Araujo

Link Lab
Bruna Castro
Gustavo Susin

Activities Report

Activities Report

Innovation Centers

ACATE - Primavera
ACATE - Primavera
Rodovia SC 401, km 4, 4120
Florianópolis/Santa Catarina - CEP: 88032005
ACATE - Downtown
ACATE - Downtown
Rua Felipe Schmidt, 835
Florianópolis/Santa Catarina - CEP: 88010-903
Soho Centro de Inovação
Soho Centro de Inovação
Rua Desembargador Pedro Silva, 2958
Florianópolis/Santa Catarina - CEP: 88080160
ACATE - Sapiens Parque
ACATE - Sapiens Parque
Av. Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 1302 - Canasvieiras
Florianópolis/Santa Catarina - CEP: 88056-000
ACATE - São José
ACATE - São José
Av. Presidente Kennedy, 815 - Campinas
São José/Santa Catarina - CEP: 88102-400

Visual Identity

Caso queira utilizar a marca em seu site ou evento, a ACATE disponibiliza o manual de uso com todas as informações e recomendações quanto à sua aplicação. Qualquer dúvida, basta entrar em contato pelo e-mail marketing@acate.com.br.
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